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Rejuvenation Health Makeover


30 Days of Rejuvenation Makeover Therapy



What is included:
*Nutritional Counselling-
Every five days you consult with your nutritionist and work on raising self esteem, learning about nutrition and good eating habits.
*Daily Nutrition Plan- Every 5 Days
We plan out each patients’ nutritional eating plan after weigh-ins and measurements every 5 days and then patients enjoy a free dinner of choice off the plan as a reward every 5th evening dinner!
*Daily Strength Conditioning- M – F 
Each person is trained separately and one on one. Workouts will vary with what is needed most for your condition that day. Often includes Cardio, Strength Training  Body Sculpting and/or Injury Rehabilitation Therapy.
*Daily Relaxation Therapy- M- F
Usually following your daily workout this time is used to unwind and stretch out all of the areas affected in your daily strength training. Can include yoga therapy, breathing exercises and meditation.
*Daily Rejuvenation Regimens 
We give each patient a morning and evening natural skin rejuvenation treatment which uses all natural herbal and food products on the skin.
*Nutritional Cleansing Program
Our eating plan will cleanse the body naturally, but when we feel a total cleanse is needed we will fit a natural cleansing program into your routine and customize a cleanse that fits in nicely to your lifestyle and schedule.
*Cost of the Therapy
$10,000 per person per month 


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