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Health Makeover 4 Stage Program


Welcome to the 4 stage optimal health program!

Are you ready to get started?

Each day the eating schedule will walk you through the steps you need to take to experience a complete personal health transformation in 30 days! This makeover program includes an initial one on one consultation and 4 group life coaching calls with Joe weekly during the 4 week program!

We also include online email support with Joe. Any time you have questions you can email us or start a live chat if he is available. Your initial consultation is a one on one life coaching call with Joe so he can get to know you and your health challenges. He will also familiarize you with the program and the protocols of each of the 4 stages and get to know you and what your goals are and what desire to accomplish.

Group coaching calls are included and will help you on your journey! Anyone can be healthy if they choose, it just takes courage, discipline and a deep desire to change.

An experienced coach like Joe will help you get there and stay healthy for life! You got this! We will educate you and provide all of the references and support you will need to reach an optimal state of health and well being! 



Our 4 Stage Optimal Health Program is a unique scheduled life coaching program of activity, movement, stretching, yoga, meditation and education along with all natural food and water intake guidelines accompanied by Online support to aid your success. Each day the eating schedule will guide you through the steps necessary to experience a healing and awakening personal transformation.

“All Diseases Begin In The Gut”  ~ Hippocrates. 

There is an increasing body of modern evidence to support this ancient adage, suggesting that intestinal health is critically linked to many aspects of physical and emotional health. This includes effects on our endocrine (hormonal) and immune systems, inflammation within the body, hydration and combating the various diseases that plague our society today.

Our program aims to transform health completely by eating whole natural foods and creating harmony in the bodies major systems.  We create well being by addressing sluggishness in the gut, with cleansing of the intestines and optimization of energy intake and increasing nutritional content of your food intake. The goal is not just weight loss but increased energy and mental clarity, increased immunity and a balanced state of health and well being. Hydration is also addressed and all client’s see great improvement with adhering to a bountiful daily water regimen. 

The 4 stage program is relatively strict, but it can be custom designed for each client’s personal needs including current illnesses, health deficiencies, dietary requirements (vegan and vegetarian options), personal schedules and work constraints.

Stage One:  High speed metabolism all natural food intake guidelines have you eating 6x’s – 8x’s daily. Whole natural fresh foods every 2 to 3 hours is a style much similar to a hunter and gatherer lifestyle. You will feel lighter, have more vibrant energy and feel the natural cleansing benefits. You will almost never feel hungry eating this way. If you do feel hungry at we will adjust you food and water intake accordingly. We will guide you through this section in 5 day segments and you can stay in stage one indefinitely until you feel ready for a cleanse.

Stage Two:  The ‘juice feast’ cleanse: An herbal supplemental juice cleanse that can be adjusted to your experience with cleansing and fasting. 2, 3, 5 or 7 day cleanses are all beneficial and we will customize your regimen to suit your work schedule and family responsibilities. Our juice ‘feast’ has you enjoying all natural supplements, juices, lemon water, herbal teas and detox elixirs all throughout the day. Just like stage one you will never feel hungry.

Stage Three:  Food Reintegration. Thought to be the most important part of any cleanse as we reline the intestines with organic fruits and veggies and build up our probiotic intestinal flora. Then we can figure out our food allergies and food intolerance’s

Stage Four:  Healthy Eating Guidelines for Life along with dozens of life coaching tips, health and spiritual references and videos and informative blog articles.

 $1500 – Includes an initial consultation & five weekly life coaching calls.

 Pura Vida! ( Pure Life! )

Day 1

Day 11

Day 25



The coat that never fit her and she was never able to button up is now loose with plenty of space to move freely. <3


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