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One on One Life Coaching Calls




I know your time is valuable. I can help you cut through so many methods, diets and practices that may not be serving you because I have spent so many years researching, experimenting, training and practicing ways to be healthy and peaceful. Sometimes I wish my older self was around 30 years ago to advise and guide my younger self. Now I realize that I had to follow my hunger for knowledge and I had to follow my own instincts regarding my health and well being. Now I feel fortunate to help guide others directly to the source of their issues that are holding them back from achieving a state of optimal physical health and emotional well being.

Most often we are not as far off as we think we are. We tend to make a problem more grandiose in our minds than what is actually going on and this is how an experienced coach can help us formulate ways to ease stress, fortify our bodies and formulate constructive ideas and plan a strategy to help you excel in all areas of life.

I have been in the health and wellness field since working as a personal trainer in 1994. I eventually found Tai Chi, vegetarianism, cleansing, Thai Massage and eventually Buddhist Meditation and Hatha Yoga on the same day in 1997. I had a major awakening then and began teaching yoga and speaking to groups about meditation fueled by gratitude and appreciation. In about a year and a half of daily and often twice daily practice I earned my 500 hour RYT credentials. I would go on to three more yoga teacher training’s in the following years along with ten 10-day silent meditations. I would also go on to open 5 different yoga studios over the years in 4 locations in 3 different countries. Of that time of extreme growth and success, I can honestly say that I literally had no fear, and I moved about as such.

My life I guess just took off in ’97 but I had been preparing for years to move to a heightened state. As a young man I had always wanted the flexibility, strength, peace and calm of a martial artist but I did not want to fight anymore. I had grown up a trained ice hockey fighter and gave up on any violent sports and fighting in my mid twenties. Tai Chi was pivotal in my growth because it was my first Eastern breath movement. I had already connected with the peaceful calming breathing of long distance swimming and bicycling. It really is all you have there when you are crossing a channel or out on that lonely road when riding a century from sun up to sun down….

Openings, epiphanies and those BIG letting go, Aaaahhhh moments happen when we keep showing up and being open to that eternal consciousness, source energy part of our being. Practices move us beyond the 5 senses so we can live life at a ‘higher” level and stop living life down in the muck of the past. The future is not certain, so all we really have is this moment, right now. We must do all we can to be here right now, be connected not just to ourselves but with each other, with all beings, with the earth and all the universe, all its energy in every galaxy. If we can feel we are part of it all, then we feel we deserve it all and anything is possible.

I am a lifestyle coach for health and wellness. Quite a simple but broad niche as every client is different. Certain therapies and eating styles and spiritual methods that are right for one person may not be right for another. Having a personal coach can help you bounce questions around and explore the many different possibilities of supplements, diets, meditations, workouts and practices that will contribute to ‘your’ health and wellness journey. Change is not easy and often must come slowly, but change is possible and you really can teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks.

I look forward to speaking with you and discussing a proper and effective approach to your great health and abundance!

I am currently offering lifestyle coaching calls for $150 for initial call and consultation. Multiple call packages include two calls for $250 and 5 calls for $500. The 5 call package is perfect for those doing our 30 day online program. Weekly calls with before and after check-ins help achieve great success with our online program.  Namaste


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