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Golf Like A Pro Vacation!

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This All Inclusive, “Golf Like A Pro!”, Vacation Package Comes With:

  • 6 Rounds of 18 holes championship golf (Practice rounds Tuesday & Wednesday. Scoring rounds, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

  • Daily fitness, Pilates and yoga classes included offered from 615AM-715PM (50 Classes Weekly)

  • One week pass to our state of the art gymnasium with cardio, fitness and movement center.        Open 530AM – 930PM Weekdays

  • All Meals Included, 20 meals total – (Including Tuesday’s welcome dinner at the Moon Glow Bar & Grill and Wednesday’s Ram Luna Noche Tipica Dinner Show)

  • Choose One Private Instructor or Therapy Sessions from the following choices: Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage, Pilates One on One Session, Personal Training Session, Private Yoga Class, Swimming or Tennis Lesson.

  • 7 nights standard lodging w/ free WIFI & International Calling, (Jacuzzi Suite Also Available)

  • Ram Luna Noche Tipica Dinner Show (Wednesday Night, 515Pm-915pm)

  • A Two Hour ‘on course’ professional golf lesson & assessment at the start of the week (Tuesday or day 2)

  • Two 30 minute morning golf lessons during the week to check in with your pro, (Thursday & Saturday or days 4,6)

  • Welcome Dinner at the Moon Glow Bar & Grill (Tuesday)

  • Transportation transfers to & from SJO International Airport


Sample Itinerary

Exact schedule may differ due to weather, availability, seasonal conditions and your preferences.

MONDAY:   Arrival Day. Afternoon Check-in 2PM  Pool and Jacuzzi Time, Gym Visit, Golf Practice or golf 9 or 18 holes practice round if an early arrival allows time for a round.

 TUESDAY: 615AM-715AM Pilates Reformer or GAP or

                   815AM- 915AM Yoga or Pilates Reformer

                   10AM-12PM Two hour professional on course golf instruction and assessment

                    130PM-330PM 9 Hole Practice Round

                    430PM-530PM Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

                    730PM Welcome at the Moon Glow Bar and Grill

WEDNESDAY: 815AM – 915AM  Range and short game practice

                        1030AM Tee Time 18 Holes practice round

                         515PM-915PM  Ram Luna Noche Tipica Dinner Show


                        930AM 30 Minute Golf PGA Pro golf lesson & practice

                        1230PM  Tee Off 18 Holes

                        615PM Pilates Reformer Class or Indoor Group Cycling or

                        715PM Yoga or 360 Training

FRIDAY:       9AM- Yoga or Cardio Moves

                     11AM Driving Range & Short Game Practice

                     1PM Tee Time 18 Holes

                     616PM Cardio Moves or HIIT Core or

                     715PM Functional Suspended Stretching


                      11AM   30 Minute Check-in Lesson With Your Pro

                      1pm   Tee Time  18 Holes

SUNDAY:       930AM-11AM   Driving Range and Short Game Practice

                       1230PM Tee Time 18 Holes

MONDAY:      615AM Pilates Chair or indoor Group Cycling or

                       915AM Zumba Fit

                      12PM Checkout


Have you ever said….

“I’ve Always Wanted To “Golf Like A Pro!”

Have you ever wondered what it was like fly in your own private jet and show up like a pro on a Monday to a world class country club with only one thought… To bring this course to it’s knees….  The pro’s mission…. to walk away with a big check and one hefty piece of hardware. Your mission, to overcome your weaknesses, take advantage of your strengths and allow yourself and your team, (your caddie, golf coach and personal trainer), to propel you to the best golf scores of your life. Time disappears when you are in the zone. This is the ultimate goal of golf, to lose your self in the game and feel as if the club is an extension of the body and the ball is fully under your command. The ‘Zone’ is place where the world stands still and all doubt disappears… We cannot give you a private jet included, but we have just about everything else covered. If you want a jet, I suggest Netjets.com

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you get trained, coached and pampered like a pro. On Tuesday you will have cardio time, GAP or Pilates class or a weight session and then a two hour on course tune up with one of our club pro’s, followed by a deep tissue therapeutic massage in the late afternoon. Our golf pro, instead of making any major changes that could throw off your game, will just try to fine tune anything you’ve been working on and help guide you effectively around the course. He will coach you play to your strengths and take the trouble out of play. He will share his course knowledge and tips about how to get around the course with the least amount of resistance and try avoid making big numbers. Local Caddies are also suggested to help you navigate you way around our track and understand the subtleties, elevation changes and pitfalls. I also suggest walking around the course so you can feel the earth beneath your feet, feel the slopes and earth texture, allowing for a more connected and even swing rhythm. Whizzing around in a golf cart, although they may save your strength, most certainly can throw off your rhythm for sure.

In the late afternoon on Tuesday, after the hard work on the range and physical training is finished, you will enjoy a deep tissue therapeutic massage, easing work and travel stress and soothing training muscles…. Aaaahhh…

You will have 30 minute morning tune ups with your pro on Thursday and Saturday and practice rounds Tuesday and Wednesday to really study and plot out the course like the pro’s do. Touring Pro’s are short game wizards and they spend 80%-90% of practice time on their short game. They also get to know the courses they play intimately, like the back of their hand. They do this week in and week out, year after year and save all of the notes, measurements and remember the subtle nuances of the courses they play again and again. It is what makes the difference between champions and contestants. The difference between players and posers.

Then on Thursday, they get in the ‘zone’ and go out and dominate the course and walk in the footsteps of giants, or at least make the cut on Friday. Playing the same course on a daily basis will give you repetitive strength, confidence and the sheer fearlessness it takes to go low. We must zero in on every shot, every aspect, every breath, envision the outcome, the ball’s flight path and swing effortlessly with the confidence of 10,000 years of practice.

This same approach must be taken in your local pub’s four man scramble, your local club championship or the US Open, if you want to stand any chance of winning. Golf is a sport, a game and most importantly a moving meditation. If you have not read Michael Murphy’s “Golf In The Kingdom”, please do yourself a favor and study it well, especially if you are going on a golf travel adventure.

So please come and join us. If you are able to golf an 18 hole championship course in 120 shots or less and/or just keep up a normal pace, then this vacation will suit you. Also know that you can go out in the afternoons and golf the front 9 at your own pace and take a cart out if you wish. Motorized carts are not included but they are available. Caddies are suggested and are paid cash directly each round. Intermediate and advanced golfer’s will thrive on this type of tournament style setup. If you are brand new to the game, maybe try one of our other golf vacations and enjoy informative lessons and no pressure 9 hole afternoons and plenty of range time. Golf etiquette states that we should not hold up our group or other groups behind us. When you have spent sufficient time practicing and becoming more proficient in hitting targets, you will know when it is time to take your game onto the big course. When practicing make sure you are always lined up properly and aiming at a target.

If your departure flight is later in the day and need luggage storage, additional check out time, additional days or have any questions please let us know how we can help you. Your shuttle to and from the airport is included in your package.

Upon booking we will send you a welcome letter and our Skype and WhatsApp invitation. We like to set your itinerary and choices for training, therapy, classes and activities right away so if the activities or classes we offer don’t appeal to your liking, we can find activities and classes that do excite you. This vacation is golf focused with only one scheduled activity, the Ram Luna Noche Tipica Dinner Show.

Activities, Instruction and Therapies are most often interchangeable so, if you are swinging the club well and want to switch out your 3 hours of golf instruction for 3 hours of massage, private yoga or Pilates sessions or a personal training, swimming or tennis lessons, we can arrange that for you ahead of time. Most importantly, know this is your customized vacation and we are vacation retreat specialists who make sure your every need is taken care of. Our team of professionals at the hotel & restaurants, country club, the fitness center, the spa, the stylist salon and the juice bar will have your back should you need anything.

We also offer chocolate and coffee tours, animal reserve and rescue sanctuaries, museum and city sights, canyon repelling, bird and butterfly national park tours, volcanoes and hotsprings, you name it and we will customize your getaway especially for you.

Before and during your stay we will be connected on WhatsApp should any questions arise. Most everything you will ever need is within walking distance of your resort and buses head into the city every 10 minutes or so. Taxis are readily available. Rental cars are nice to have for sight seeing but no car is needed to stay here with us and airport shuttles leave every half hour or so and are complimentary. We greatly look forward to hosting you in paradise.

Finance Your Vacation with Medical Tourism

Many of our guests have been able to finance much or all of their entire vacation with the savings of having their eye surgery, dental work or orthopedic surgery done in Costa Rica. Clean, private hospitals are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and manned by American and European-trained doctors using the latest techniques. They charge about a third of what you would normally pay for the same procedure in the US, Canada or Europe.

Spend your first day or so having the work done, then recover a few days in seclusion and comfort at our Inn, with room service and 24 hour staff. Later tour Costa Rica when you feel more up to it. If you are interested in having any type of medical procedure done in Costa Rica, please let us know and we will gladly refer you to a highly experienced and reputable English speaking medical doctor specializing in your field.

For dental work, we will recommend an excellent nearby dental clinic.

We also have a retired American nurse on call 24 hours to assist with your recovery.


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