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5 Day Online Makeover Transformation

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Do you have a photo shoot coming up? Maybe a job interview, a performance or a podcast and you just want to look and feel your best? Are you feeling and looking older than your years? Or are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? A BIG change awaits you. I will give you a whole new ‘Go To” routine that will refresh and reset the body. This program will cleanse your body and boost your immune system. It will also hydrate and fortify you at a cellular level and ignite your vibrant energy.





We are pleased to announce our 5 Day Online Makeover Transformation Program to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home during these transitional times. From Monday through Saturday I will work with you online to achieve spectacular results in working towards rejuvenation, fitness, flexibility, vibrant energy and personal peace. In this 5 day program I will include:




* A 5 Day Routine and Regimen with Daily Guidelines to follow for hydration, food intake and movement.

* 4 Personal Online Video Consultations via Messenger or Whatsapp or Regular Phone Calls before, during and after the 5 day program along with life coaching suggestions, before and after photos, weigh-ins & measurements if so desired.

* Guidance with Breathing Exercises and Meditation Techniques

* Yin Yoga Therapy Postures which are Relaxing Deep Therapeutic Stretches for those special places in your body that need extra attention.

* Online Email Support, Reference Materials, Websites, Documentaries and Instructions all related to improving health and wellness

* Cleansing, juicing & fasting information and helpful guidelines on various programs for improving internal health and replenishing intestinal flora 

* ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines For Life’, to help you stay fit, vibrant and youthful well into old age

* Natural skin rejuvenation and beauty treatment methods to keep you looking more youthful, vibrant and fresh 


Joe Before


Joe After 5 Days



This all natural program will help you take years off of your appearance, speed your metabolism, increase your vibrant energy and help unlock stressful pain and emotionally held tensions in your body. Our program will also help you strengthen and boost your immune system & rebuild weakened or injured areas in your body. We will also help to educate and empower you to rejuvenate & hydrate your cells, eat well, take care of yourself and stay inspired. Self Empowerment will not only ensure you live a long healthy life but others will be drawn to your vibrant energy and you will have the tools to help those who are willing to improve their health and well being. 



Bartley Before



Bartley After 5 Days



Our rejuvenation principals will stay with you for a lifetime. I will work with you online during your five day makeover program. If you continue to do your fitness and strengthening exercises, yoga stretches, follow the food and water intake guidelines, you will turn back the hands of time. If continue with the breathing exercises, daily skin rejuvenation and self care beauty treatments, you will change your life in ways that you may have never thought were even possible. Having a coach to inspire you and hold you accountable is priceless. A teacher is no more than a friend and no less than a friend. I team up with my clients and we figure out a fun and interesting way back to optimal health, wellness and personal peace together.  


Nikki Before



Nikki on Day 10, After two 5 day segments

Notice the change in Nikki’s complexion and overall energy!



The Coat She Was Never Able To Close Is Now Loose! We find that many of our clients do not like a scale and get intimidated with a weight  number. If that is the case for you, then try on a set of clothing noting how tight the clothing is before you begin the program. After the program try on the same clothes. This is not a weight loss program but a health program. As the body balances out with the all natural food guidelines and the water intake regimen, common side affects are a toning of muscle mass, rejuvenation of skin, burning off excess fat, increased energy and libido and a more youthful glowing appearance.





Developing great daily rituals and following a sensible daily regimen will allow you to eventually drop many of your bad habits that are not healthy and don’t serve you any longer. No such thing as bad or good luck. Our good or bad fortune hinges on the choices we make each day, every hour, in every moment, with every breath. As a life coach I try to help people wake up to what is possible. We all are capable of making better choices and living a life full of abundance, joy, great health, playfulness and ease.




Most people never know how good their bodies can feel. This program will enable you to take your life to the next level and maybe give you a whole new career helping others get healthy. We all came here with a purpose. When you are functioning at a high level of health, mental clarity and spirit, your life’s purpose will become clear and your dreams will become realized. When would now be a good time?



Call or email me today to see how this personal transformation program can work for you. Call Joe (339) 218-0406 or email yogicbliss@gmail.com


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” Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or licensed health practitioner.  Although I advise eating whole natural fresh foods, you should consult with your health care providers before starting this program.”


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