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For incoming makeover vacation clients and online program people, you can reach Joe via WhatsApp or direct cell phone at (506) 8507-3792 and for Skype users Username is Jo T at live:yogicbliss. Currently Joe is giving free 25 minute consultations to potential makeover and online program clients.

Joe has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1997 and teaching yoga since 1998. He has experienced many different yoga styles and meditation traditions.  He has had the honor of creating and directing several different yoga studios and training future teachers. He has attended three different styles of teacher training’s and dozens of varied workshops for yoga, Kirtan, massage and meditation. He has spent over 100 days at silent retreats in Thailand, India and the United States . He is a 500 Hour RYT and also is certified by the Yoga Alliance to train and prepare future teachers for certification.

He greatly enjoys helping a student figure out a daily practice that is manageable and customized for the individual. He has been mostly vegetarian for the past 20+ years and has done at least 50 juice fasts and cleanses of all kinds.  As part of a life coaching regimen Joe includes not only yoga, meditation and nutritional eating, cooking and cleansing but he also loves to help people develop other hobbies and artistic activities and crafts.

He has spent his life after competitive sports ended at age 21, enjoying outdoor activities and connecting to nature and playfulness through long distance ocean swimming, beach volley ball, golf, dog training, bicycle touring and training, kayaking, billiards, horseshoes, darts, kirtan, Personal Training, Meditation, Frisbee, Hiking, Singing, body surfing, snorkeling and more.  He can teach you how to enjoy and even master these hobbies and can help you find a deeper connection to source energy through these physical pursuits.

He feels that these hobbies and activities like organic gardening, community volunteering, sculpting, painting, beach combing, love making and riding horses can connect us to spirit as much as anything else. He feels that In simply living our lives we realize that the asana is just a small part of our yoga, but even a short daily practice of 10 to 30 minutes each day can change your life and deepen your connection to source energy so you can attract positive beings and experiences into your life.

He is also a relentless traveler and has lived, worked, taught or studied in the U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, India, Thailand, Europe and Costa Rica. He has founded 5 yoga studios in four locations in three different countries and his yoga centers have trained and certified over 1,000 teachers and more than 200,000 people have practiced yoga at his unique venues in Portland, OR and on Koh Phan Gang, Thailand. He believes travel is the best education and dreams of starting an orphanage, alternative school, raw food and vegetarian restaurant, organic farm with community garden and a continuing education center here in Costa Rica and in the Boston Area as well.  He is currently seeking investors in these ambitious projects to serve humanity.  He is eternally grateful and in deep appreciation to all of the students and teachers, families, animals and friends that have given him so much love, support and information over the years.