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Barby has been Costa Rica’s top rejuvenation makeover therapist and most sought after life coach for the past 20 years and is owner and founder of, ‘Healthy Life Therapy’. In that time she has worked mostly out of Escazu, close to the country’s capitol and international airport, but she also travels to clients in other continents  as well. Since 1998 she has transformed, counseled and trained artists, actors, diplomats, models, CEO’s, dignitaries, brides to be and several Miss Costa Rica’s.

She is able to assess physical deficiencies and limitations, prescribe nutritional guidelines, natural treatments and exercise therapy and monitor her patients back to health in an extremely fast and efficient manner. She has been a certified personal trainer and life coach specializing in injury rehabilitation and extreme makeovers for over 20 years. She has completed 7 years extensive training in nutrition, injury rehab, psychology, exercise physiology, anatomy and helps her clients with emotional support and loving motivation.

Injury rehabilitation and therapeutic massage are two of her most vital gifts and her sessions can wipe out years of deeply held tensions. Weight loss clients eat at least 6-9 times a day to speed metabolism and every exercise regimen and food menu is customized to each individual.

As a life coach and psychological counselor, she has helped patients walk away from junk foods, alcohol, depression, prescription and recreational drugs, bad relationships, destructive behaviors and degenerative diseases through nutritional counseling, loving guidance, sweat and tears.

She is a gifted healer and very spiritually connected women and her life’s work gives her the opportunity to watch people come back to life and take their power back. To witness each personal transformation is humbling and awe inspiring for her.  She is consistently pleased to witness people take off unwanted pounds, feed and work their bodies into supreme health and see their spirits soar.

She feels blessed to be part of this transformation process and she deeply loves her life’s work.