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Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate and expose people to the wonderful world of wellness. Our goal is create a worldwide community of health crusaders by empowering and guiding as many people as possible by helping them find their way through the vast myriad of health and wellness offerings. We all need to develop a personal approach that is perfect for ourselves. There is no one way or system that is perfect for everybody, so we need to experiment, test and research different foods, supplements, eating styles and super foods to discover what works for ourselves personally.

 For the more than two decades in Costa Rica and around the world, the founders of Healthy Life Therapy have been helping their clients reach an optimal state of health and wellness through nutritional counselling, personal training, life coaching, cleansing, yoga, meditation and injury rehabilitation. Our extreme personal transformation system is all natural and contains no artificial supplements, drugs, injections, invasive surgeries  or chemical peels. We stress the use of only all natural food, clothing and everyday products including supplements, beauty products and household cleaners. If it is good for the earth, then it is good for us. If it is not good for the earth, then we must stay away from it. 

Our program is for all people who want to be healthy and avoid or walk away from nagging health issues, low energy, mental fogginess, bad habits and dismal attitudes. Once we fuel ourselves with fresh whole food nutrients and cleanse the liver and intestines, our whole body, it’s major systems and all or our organs and glands come back to life! Natural food and cleansing is not a miracle cure, but by removing excess waste and toxins out of the digestive tract and cleansing the liver and giving ourselves the proper nutrients and water to fuel our body at a cellular level, the body will be able to heal itself naturally & effortlessly.

There is only one disease, a malfunctioning cell. The two causes of illness are toxicity and deficiency. Our program brings the body back into balance, working at the cellular level to fortify and hydrate each and every cell in the body. We build 200 billion new cells daily to replace the 200 billion that die off. If you are aging rapidly, you’re body is not wearing out, it is malnourished, toxic and dehydrated. If we can help toxins leave the body and bring in whole natural foods and good water, in a very short time, the body and it’s major systems will come back to life. Cleansing the liver and large and small intestines is the key to great health. Rebalancing intestinal flora and consuming the freshest best foods possible provide you with all day energy, peaceful sleep and a strong immune system.

We help people get healthy in person with our Makeover Adventure Vacation and virtually as well, with our 30 Day Online Health Program. We will help you develop daily rituals & regimens that include exercise programs, eating schedules, interesting hobbies & artistic projects. If needed we can also advise clients with suggestions or instruction with spiritual practises such as prayer, yoga and meditation. We custom tailor each clients makeover vacation to meet their needs and exact specifications and preferences. We can mix and match adventure activities, salon preferences, personal instruction and types of massages to suit your needs. This is the ultimate ‘Me Time’ vacation. Clients choose their preferred activities are not obligated to go along with any group classes or specific groups tours offered. We also reserve everything for you beforehand, so get to do exactly you want to do, making your stay with us personally gratifying, effortless and care free. Just like an all inclusive, transformation vacation should be…

Costa Rica is truly a tropical paradise. Our resort is located in the Central Mountain Valley at 1,000 meters or 3,200 feet above sea level and we enjoy a consistently warm & somewhat dry temperate climate, with a light breeze year round. Air conditioning is rarely needed, unlike the humid regions along the coast. Each day the air temperature is 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit or 24-30 Celsius year. Costa Rica has all natural power and 1/4 of her land area is protected in National Parkland Territories. We have no military presence of any kind, universal health care, a ‘Blue Zone’, two oceans, volcanoes, year round agriculture, banned GMO’s, ethnic diversity, a vibrant Ex-pat community and no nuclear presence of any kind. It just feels different here. Pura Vida means Pure Life, and it is a standard greeting used by many. We hope you can join us for a true Costa Rica experience soon and feel how pure life can really be…

And remember, if you can’t quite make it to Costa Rica just yet for any reason, we can work with you online and your transformation can begin right now, from the comfort of your own home! When would now be a good time? Great health is now just a click away. Having your own personal health guide and lifestyle coach can help you avoid years of trial and error and save you so much time, money and research. Here’s to your great health! Pura Vida!