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Join us in helping others and spreading love, wisdom, and compassion.

How can you help?

  • Donate supplies to our place of refuge.

  • Take part in founding a work farm in Costa Rica that educates, houses and feeds the workers.

  • Enable a sanctuary in the city for the less-fortunate – the abused, homeless and refugees,

Costa Rica has many immigrants from Nicaragua and the surrounding countries. They are amazing workers but the Nico wages are about .65 cents an hour and Costa RIca is $2-$3 per hour. Even in office computer jobs with long hours on phones with English speaking required, $600 per month or $150 a week is the expected pay. The cost of living here rivals the USA.

In rural areas, jobs like a maid, gardener, guard, chef etc., can expect to work 6am to 6pm Monday thru Friday and then an early out at 4pm or 5pm on Saturday and most all usually have Sundays off. Your average unskilled or skilled laborer is working 70 hour weeks and they will get a week or so off at Christmas and a week off work at Easter. If you get sick medical treatment is available but it is very tough for people to get ahead without proper access to education, language and career training.

We have a three stage plan for the many homeless people and refugees living  in the inner city section of San Jose called ‘Barrio Mexico’.

Stage One

First stage is to create a homeless shelter in the Barrio where a great deal of our homeless people reside. There is an urgent need for another shelter here that gives people refuge, nourishment and dignity. Upon check in all guests would have access to toiletries, a shower and laundry along with a new fresh set of cloths to put on.

Then they would get a fresh bed and have access to food, computer, books, a telephone, music and entertainment. We would like to feed people our high energy vegetarian food plan and really give them the proper nutrition they need to find work and educate themselves. In the morning, after exercise, practice, prayer, food or whatever morning rituals people love to do are finished, we will send them out into the day with high energy vegetarian food and snacks to fuel their bodies so they are prepared to find work, sell items, do promotion or do fund raising.

During the day our guests may also choose to stay with us at the shelter and help out with chores or study an online education program or do online marketing work for us. We have spoken to and spent time with many of the homeless people in the barrio and they are really good people. Most are just looking to escape poverty situations back home in Central and South America and are hoping Costa Rica will provide a good job. The city shelter would keep people on for a few days to a few months until they were stable and responsible and ready for stage two, moving to the work farm/ education/ retreat center out in the country.

Stage Two

The work farm we have planned would have new worker’s first job be constructing their own homes to live in on the farm. Our goal is to house, feed and educate all of the workers and cut their normal work week of 70 hours down to 35 hours a week. So a typical work week on the farm may look like this.

Each employee works six hours a day from Monday through Friday like 6am to 12pm or 2pm to 8pm and then a five hour day on Saturday with Sunday off. Now with the other 6 hours usually spent working each day, Monday through Friday, 4 hours would have to be spent on education or creating Art, writing or being creative and conscious in some way. The remaining two hours normally spent working each day would be used for spiritual practices, energy/body work and fitness & exercise pursuits.

Each weekday for 4 hours a day or 20 hours a week they will be learning a skill, learning a language, training as an apprentice, taking classes online or creating an online business for themselves. Off midday on Saturday and all day Sunday with free time over the weekend. All people would have their own simple home they help build, made mostly of Bamboo.

We would also have a big kitchen and feed all of the employees during the day. We would give them all 4 weeks off a year for vacation time to have fun and visit family and an additional two weeks vacation each year to attend a spiritual gathering, do volunteer work, attend a specific career training or education seminar.

Jobs on the farm would range from garden and kitchen work to home building, bamboo processing, internet marketing, sewing yogi hammocks and yogi pillows to maid work and childcare. As our inventions get developed manufacturing the yogi fitness chair, the yogi throne, the self defense system and the swimmers caddie, tiny homes, the bivouac poncho and others will be manufactured and/or assembled on the farm as well.

Stage Three

The third stage would be having our workers become full time residents on the farm once their career training is completed and possibly having them continue to work for us on the land in some capacity as a teacher, instructor, counselor, farmer, chef, carpenter, marketer or a combination of these. They may also choose in stage three to go out on the road and work for us living a laptop lifestyle promoting our company, consulting with other work farms and villages and giving talks and seminars on sustainable living and organic permaculture farming and raw food preparation and vegetarian lifestyle.

Stage three may also see our workers go off to a full time university, a full time career or a life of volunteerism or missionary work. Our goal is to give people a good living helping others and in the process help them uncover their life’s purpose. We will give them the time to pursue education, artistic and creative projects so they can connect to source energy and inner spirit to help them make better choices that we not really available to them in the past.

Understanding the depth of poverty in Central and South America is quite emotionally devastating to anyone who grew up with the opportunities a first world upbringing offers. It does not take much to change the life of those with no home who are living outdoors. Please contact us if you would like to make a difference to those who truly need our help.

Blessings… Together we can be the change in peoples lives and truly make a BIG difference in the world, one person, one soul at a time.

Pura Vida!

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