Inventions Inspired For Health, Fitness, Protection & Helping Others

I think we are at our greatest levels of creativity when we are helping others. When we move beyond our sense of self, we enter into a state of mind that is truly inspired and guided by love. When we are fully conscious of our fellow humans and their plights, we forget about our own selfish concerns and self centered desires. It is said that most of us are on autopilot 95% of the time. Less than 5% of our time on earth is spent in a creative state of mind.

I give thanks for choosing a healer’s profession and for being able to live in the solitude only realized in obscure outposts. I give thanks that I have been able to get quiet. That I have spent years being able to study, swim, train, practice yoga and meditate. This quiet time has given me the inspiration and opportunity to dream up a handful of inspired and innovative design concepts that are all geared towards helping people achieve optimal health, peace of mind and continued wellness.

My inventions include:

(1), The Yogi Fitness Chair is a versatile apparatus that can be used for meditative sitting, trampoline rebounding, fitness, strength training, injury rehabilitation, recreation, sports, games, sleeping and camping.

(2), The Yogi Throne is a toilet which provides a colonic machine and squatters positions along with offering handicapped, elderly and child accessibility features.

(3) The Yogi Tri-Pillow is a three way pillow designed for improved sleep and spinal alignment.

(4) The Yogi Hammock, is a multi layered hammock, multi use product for leisure, sleeping, camping, stretching, fitness and inversion & suspension therapy and yoga therapy.

(5) Swimmer’s Caddie

(6) Off The Cuff, is a personal, non lethal, self defense device

(7) Bivouac Poncho, is a state of the art Gortex, Aussie Outback style coat

(8) Heavy and Floor to Ceiling Portable Punching Bags.


We are currently seeking investors for our invention projects. Please contact us for more information and we can discuss how you can become involved in our start-up company.

We are also looking for investors to help us develop a self sustainable Eco home on our ocean front cliffs just south of Boston.

Email us for more info.

Appreciation and Gratitude, Joe